Over the years I have found running pace calculators very useful. My favorite use for the running pace calculator is to predict a race outcome based on another recent race. As long as the race distances are similar the calculator prediction is pretty accurate. In fact last year I put in my most recent 5K time to set my goal for a 5 miler and got the exact time that was predicted. On the other hand just because you have fast 5k time does not mean that you will be able perform a marathon at the predicted time. The best race to predict your marathon time is a recent half marathon, even then you need to make sure all your training matches up with the prediction. So basically what I am trying to say is that a running pace calculator may not be an accurate race prediction 100% of time but it will give you a ball park figure and/or something to shoot for during your races.

Another great use for the running pace calculator is to find the pace you need to run at to meet your goal time during a race. I like going into a race knowing how fast I need to run each mile to achieve my desired time. If this number is in my head I don’t start off to fast and burn out before the race is halfway done. It also motivates me to keep pushing at the end when my legs are tired and want to slow down.

The pace calculator is also useful for everyday training. By putting in your goal race time, you will find what pace you should be dong your speedwork, tempo and easy runs. This is very helpful when using generalized schedules that just say ” 30 min tempo” instead of giving you specific paces.

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